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Doing Good Is Good Business

Take your business to new heights using the Doing Good Model:
Integrate the Doing Good mindset into business routines for peak potential and collective prosperity, uniting managers and organizations for growth and a value-led future.

Organizational Programs
Adaptive to Any Business 

20+ Years of Experience

Training and nurturing global businesses large and small in the tenets of the Doing Good Model.

Based on Academic Research

By top-tier universities, including George Mason University, Harvard, Bason and Thunderbird.

People-First Programs

Empowering individual well-being and growth through a personalized, inclusive, and supportive approach.

The Leading with
Purpose program

Infusing The Doing Good Model in Management Practices 

Our flagship program is a 4-session hands-on learning experience for managers.

It focuses on the practical integration of the Doing Good mindset into business routines to foster growth and development, ultimately leading to peak potential and collective prosperity.


The Doing Good Model


A Value-Driven Transformation Roadmap

The Doing Good Model is a value-based framework for creating sustainable positive impact worldwide. It’s a practical, day-to-day tool empowering individuals, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and communities to adopt doing-good values, ultimately benefiting society as a whole.

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Prof. Maury Peiperl

PhD, Professor and Dean,
George Mason University

"Forged from a unique combination of experience and ideals, the Doing Good Model gives organizations a practical, tailored way to increase both their performance and their social impact. By enabling a focus on those elements most appropriate and meaningful to a firm’s particular context, the DGM provides a direct and accessible path to making a positive difference"


DR. Rakesh Khurana

Marvin Bower Professor of Leadership  Development,
Harvard Business School

"Shari Arison's book shows how enlightened business leaders who align positive economic, social, and cultural business values into their core business practices have the potential to transform our world"


DR. Mary Gentile

PhD Author of
Giving Voice to Values

"The doing good model's practical approach enables people from any background to effectively voice their values and positively act on them, drawing the best from them, fueling creativity, confidence, and skill"

Words From Our Partners 

Trusted by Top-Tier Brands

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