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Our vision

To create a value-based world where people and organizations
think good, speak good and do good

We develop and implement practical and measurable tools for a
doing good managerial perception and lead organizations
towards their path to humane, financial, and social growth.

Our Model

THE RIPPLES OF IMPACT- Individual, Organization, Society

When the individual is connected to his/her own values with a doing good mindset, it is then reflected on their immediate surroundings and outwards, influencing their organization, and impacting the society as a whole.


The model distinguishes between three ways in which doing good can be present in our lives:

  • Believing – our choices of perceptions and attitudes.

  • Being – our 'inner space' of feelings and emotions that reflected in
    our presence and energy.

  • Doing – our actions and behaviors.
    There are various interactions between the three dimensions - they affect each other and are influenced by one another, so it is a dynamic and flexible process.


The 13 Elements of Doing Good

These refer to the universal doing good foundations that we strive for, making the Doing Good Model a holistic value-based approach and language.


Meet The Team

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