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Leading with Purpose

The program walks organizations through a clear path for identifying and implementing doing good as an integral part of who they are, what they do, and how they do it. It provides and develops a value-based managerial perception for organizations wishing to achieve their business objectives while leading with vision and aligning managers’ mindsets and behaviors with their corporate values.


What are the outcomes of the program?

  • Modelling an organization that is driven to benefit and maintain the 3 Ps - People, Planet, Profit

  • Enriching the managerial viewpoint with new perceptions and ideas will increase abilities and skills to manage long-term relationships with all stakeholders

  • Increasing the sense of connection and meaning among your employees which will lead to improvement in productivity and performance

  • Increasing employee retention while becoming a more attractive organization for new candidates

How does it work?

  • Six sessions - around 20 hours in total.

  • The sessions are designed in a sequence. Therefore, attending all sessions will allow full comprehension and implementation.

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