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About us

Discover The Doing Good Model

The Doing Good Model is a value-based framework for creating sustainable positive impact worldwide. It’s a practical, day-to-day tool that empowers individuals, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and communities to adopt doing-good values, ultimately benefiting society as a whole.

At the heart of the model are 3 guiding principles:

The Ripples of Impact: Individual - Organization - Society:

The Doing Good Model embraces the ripple effect. When individuals connect with their values through a doing-good mindset, this positivity extends to their immediate surroundings, influences their organization, and ultimately impacts society as a whole.


Dimensions of implementation: Being - Believing – Doing:

The model identifies three dimensions of doing good:

  • Believing: Perceptions and attitudes

  • Doing: Actions and behaviors

  • Being: Feelings, emotions, presence, and energy

These dimensions are interconnected, dynamically influencing each other and creating a flexible, evolving process.

13 DGM elements:

Representing the universal foundations of doing good, the combination of these elements renders the Doing Good Model a holistic, value-based approach and shared language.

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Doing Good is Good Business

The Doing Good Model aspires to bring together managers and organizations in a shared journey toward mutual growth and a value-led future.


A holistic and pragmatic approach integrates the Doing Good mindset into the day-to-day, driving peak potential and collective prosperity.



Ripples of Impact

Fostering a Doing Good and value-led mindset creates a ripple effect of positive impact, beginning from within the individual and extending outward to the organizations and society at large.




BBD (Believing- Being- Doing)

Managers receive practical tools and actionable strategies for growth and development through an introspective process focused on three:

Believing - identifying personal beliefs
Being - exploring one's state of being
Doing - determining actions.

Alignment all three propels both personal and professional development.

Our story

The Doing Good Model is the visionary brainchild of businesswoman and philanthropist Shari Arison, who started creating it in 1997 by defining values-based visions for diverse organizations.

While parts of the model have been applied over the years in business and philanthropy, it was launched as a complete model in 2010 after it was solidified in a joint process by all of the Chairmen and CEOs at the Arison Group, together with a team of academics hailing from some of the world’s leading universities, including Harvard, Thunderbird, Babson, and George Mason.

Since 2011, the Doing Good Model has been making a significant impact across various sectors. It has been implemented in a wide range of businesses and organizations at the Arison Group, spanning finance, infrastructure, industry, real estate, energy, water, and social enterprises. The model's reach extends beyond the Arison Group, with the development of tools and methodologies that enable it to serve outside its scope, expanding its circles of influence.  

In 2017, The Doing Good Model Company was founded by David Arison with the vision of creating a values-based world. In 2024, the Company was closed, and the Doing Good Model became part of the Ted Arison Family Foundation.

Vision & Values

Our vision

Our vision is to create a value-based world, where people and organizations
think good, speak good and do good

Our mission

We’re on a mission is to empower organizations and managers with practical tools for a doing-good mindset and approach and guide businesses through their path
to humane, financial and social growth.

Our values


Growth is an ongoing journey


We all journey through personal and professional paths, gathering insights, asking questions, gaining experience, and refining our specialties. Along the way, we observe and deepen our learning for continuous development in an ever-changing world.


Better together 

When we work together, we become stronger as individuals, organizations, and societies. We empower each other, leveraging our diverse capabilities, ideas and resources to expand our ripples of impact. Transparency, respect, and humility direct our collaboration with stakeholders, partners and staff.


Passion drives purpose

We love what we do! Passion for our mission and connection with our work charge our sense of joy and delight that shapes the way we think, talk and



It's all about people

We each have beliefs, thoughts, dreams and unique values. All over the world, in every field and industry, people are people, and they have the right to belong and to reach self fulfillment. That’s why in all of our products, ideas and interactions, we see the people first and foremost, and we walk along our path together.

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