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Organizational Workshops

With the corporate climate shifting toward a new era, managers constantly need to expand their skills.


The Upskilling Workshops are designed for managers and executives who are rooted in their organizations' influence and wish to participate in hands-on learning that promotes motivation to lead change.


The Workshops connect value-based managerial perception with daily routines to provide practical tools for personal and business prosperity.


  • Online or on-premise

  • 4 sessions (12 hours in total)

  • 12-16 participants

  • Vetted and trained group facilitators

Upskilling Workshops Outcome


Inspirational Workshop and Lecture

Based on the Doing Good Model, our inspirational workshop and lecture inspire teams to grow personally and professionally.

The lecture discusses trends and changes in the new business world, starting with a focus on the individual.

The workshop familiarizes participants with The Doing Good Model as a framework for considering personal impact within the organizational setting by providing practical tools and innovative strategies.


Both the inspirational workshop and lecture enhance capabilities, drive motivation, and boost performance.


  • Online or on-premise

  • 1 or 2 hour sessions 

  • Workshop: 12-16 participants, Lecture: 100 Attendees

  • Vetted and trained group facilitators

Inspirational Workshop and Lecture

Inspirational Lecture​

Exploration Questions​:

Does "Doing Good" good for business?

Why do more and more organizations worldwide decide to take a stand on social and environmental issues?

Does it contribute to business prosperity?


  1. Recognition of the vital role of vision and values as a foundation for business success.

  2. Shift focus from shareholders to stakeholders for a more inclusive business approach.

  3. Inspired employees by instilling a sense of meaning in their work.

  4. Understanding of the correlation between consumerism and social engagement.

Inspirational workshop

Exploration Questions​

What is the true meaning of "holding" a value?
What does it mean to live by our values?
How does identifying our values support our managerial identity?
And how can we increase the alignment between our personal and managerial values?



  1. Identification of our personal and managerial values.

  2. Examination of how these values manifest in our daily managerial routine.

  3. Consider ways to enhance implementation to bring our authentic selves to work.

Workshops That Stand Out from the Crowd

Centered on Individuals

A collective of thriving individuals drives the overall success of the organization. Prioritizing individuals, focusing on what is essential and meaningful for each person.

Focused on Action 

Bridging theory with practice through a pragmatic approach to infusing values in day-to-day operations. Through hands-on practice and practical tools, participants gain opportunities to amplify their positive impact.

Impact beyond ROI 

Businesses can - and should - be a force for good. We invite participants to transcend traditional metrics and adopt a triple-win approach that benefits people, planet, and profit.

Woman Working on Laptop

For Mindful Managers of All Businesses 

The Doing Good programs are tailored for organizations and companies whose leaders appreciate the power of mindful management.


Be it a small local business or large-scale global enterprise, our adaptive programs work best for open-minded, motivated managers with a passion for learning and a desire to lead transformational processes in their lives and organizations.

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