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Leading with Purpose

lectures & workshops 

Upskilling Workshops

1. Being an Engaging Manager

2. Being A Great Communicator

3. Being an Inclusive Manager

4. Being a hybrid manager

1. Doing Good is Good Business

2. Where Values Meet Practice

Office Meeting


About our products

They are the outcome of innovative vision, 20 years of management experience with large companies worldwide within the Arison Group, and academic research by leading universities: George Mason, Harvard, Babson, and Thunderbird.

Who are these products for?

These programs are tailored for organizations and companies that understand the benefits of mindful management. Whether it is a small local business or a huge global corporation, we reach out to open-minded, motivated managers with a passion for learning and a desire to lead transformational processes in their lives and organizations.

It’s all about people!
We each have beliefs, thoughts, dreams, and unique values. All over the world, in every field and industry, people are people, and they have the right to belong and to reach self-fulfillment.  That’s why in all of our products, ideas, and interactions, we see the people first and foremost, and we walk along our path together.

Our differentiation


Individual Focused

Our programs are, first and foremost, person-centered, which means that we give room to what is essential and meaningful for each individual.


Action Oriented

Our programs promote impactful actions that encourage implementing Doing Good in the organizational routines and culture.

By utilizing hands-on exercises and practical tools, participants gain opportunities to increase positive impact. 

Impact Beyond ROI

Businesses can and should be a force for good - we invite the participants to adopt a triple-win perception, benefitting people, planet, and profit.

Our programs outcomes breaks through the familiar profit lines and emphasizes that doing good is good business.

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