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Learn about all the actions the company, management, and employees take to improve and optimally implement the sustainability element of the Doing Good Model.

What is this?

A document detailing all the actions taken by the organization to improve and optimally implement the element of sustainability into its day-to-day operations. The procedure focuses on the company's activities, management, and employees outside the organization's value chain.

Who's it for?

For all the employees in the organization- helping them recognize the various means available for applying the element of sustainability into all areas of their lives.

The decision to implement the procedure should start Top Down (from senior-level management) and return to all stakeholders. Once backed up by management, it should also be embedded in Bottom Up, thus reaching all employees and external stakeholders (customers, partners, etc.).


Once you've decided to implement the element in your organization, both inside but primarily outside of the element chain, the procedure should then prepare the process in parallel with the activities related to the sustainability forum (including representatives from all organizational units), a designated work plan and other initiatives on the topic.

Want to learn more?

Download The complete guide>>


In this video, Shari Arison, founder of the Doing Good Model, explains the value of Sustainability. We invite you to watch it and start your journey towards implementing the element of Sustainability in your business.

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