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Upskilling workshops

With the corporate climate shifting toward a new era, managers constantly need to expand their skills.


Our Upskilling Workshops are designed for managers and executives who are rooted in their organizations' influence and wish to participate in hands-on learning that promotes motivation to lead change.


The Workshops connect value-based managerial perception with daily routines to provide practical tools for personal and business prosperity.

Our Upskilling Workshops:

Being an Inclusive Manager


  1. Adopting a managerial mindset of Diversity and Inclusion.

  2. Identifying my values and their influence on my personal and managerial identity.

  3. i2i (individual to individual) approach as a managerial strategy.

  4. Leveraging individual and team success based on strengths and values.

Being a Hybrid Manager


  1. Agility with changing needs and remote management challenges.

  2. Tools for implementing effective work routines in hybrid and global work.

  3. Keeping close while managing remotely- maintaining collaborations and teamwork.

  4. Cultural Competence in management.

Being an Engaging Manager


  1. Increasing organizational engagement for individual and business growth.

  2. Recognizing motivations as an engaging tool.

  3. Finding opportunities to create managerial impact.

  4. Individual happiness as a base for organizational happiness.

Being a Great Communicator


  1. Recognizing communication patterns as a base for managing collaborations and teamwork

  2. Creating synergy and partnerships between all stakeholders

  3. Listening as a motivational tool for maintaining meaningful relationships

How does it work?



Online or in person



1 session

3-4 hours in total


12-16 participants



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